Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, Jingle all the way… Wow, the annual of Christmas Holidays is coming. Have you already decorated your Christmas tree? Come on! Take out the tree from your storehouse, hurry up!

And invite your family/friends and colleagues to decorate the tree which belongs to yours. Enjoy this beautiful and holy holidays with people you love.

Today, Chiefling’s staffs have a happy mission: To challenge the grand tree.

They put on the ordinary tree with beautiful clothes that she could join the Christmas Party and meet her Mr. Right. All the fairies took out many different sizes and colors of rosettes made by themselves and used their magic power. After a while, the girl has become a beauty!

Maybe, you will ask why Andy is not in the photo with the girls as he took the photo for us.

When Tina (Andy’s wife) wanted to take the photo for him then he escaped, so she only took the sight of his back, ha ha ha….

Chief Ling thanks for your supporting in the past year and as your support let our business grow up smoothly.

Although, the economic is getting worse in the next half of this year that effected the business is slow down that’s like the weather in Taiwan is very cold now. (Now, the season is very cool and rainy in Taiwan, how about the weather in your country)

2012 is also the Dragon year according to our Chinese lunar calendar.

We wish you have a cheery New Year hold lots of happiness and pray the economic will be getting better in 2012.

Wish you, your family have a wonderful Christmas holiday & prosperous 2012 year!