Chief Ling offer custom-made acrylic and plastic products based on your ideas and specifications. Size and shape are made per customer’s design and the color can be adjusted according to assigned Pantone no. The welding line, gate spot, transparency of colors can be revised to meet customer’s request as possible as we can.

Acrylic display can be used as cosmetic shelf, Display Case, Toy Dust-proof Case, Artwork Case, Books Shelf, various Collection Cases, DVD Display Shelf, Storage Box, diverse Merchandise Display Shelf, Price Tag, Crystal Character, Laser Cutting, Poster stand, DM Shelf…etc. Acrylic Display Case adopts diamond cutting and presents multi-angle appearance, Anything that you would like displayed inside of a safe and secure display case.

Acrylic sheet has good processing properties, either by thermoforming (including molding, blow molding and vacuum forming), which can also be used machining methods drilling, turning, cutting. Cut with a micro-computer controlled mechanical scraping and carving not only greatly improve precision, but also produce can not be completed with traditional patterns and forms. In addition, acrylic laser cutting and laser engraving can be used to produce strange effects products.

Organic Glass Acrylic characteristic: The transparency is just like crystals and penetrability is up to 92%. The acrylic colored by dyes has good color-display effect. Moreover, acrylic board has excellent weather-resistance, better surface hardness and better heat-resistance. The microcomputer-controlled machine cutting and carving not only enhances the fineness but also creates the patterns ad shapes which could not be done by traditional method.

"above picture is customer's exclusive design for reference only"

We also can develop high quality molds and plastic injection products at the reasonable prices with advanced molding technology. We are confident that our manufacture capacity and service can bring benefits to our esteemed customers. We can make complex or special design with good quality of surface and it is welcome to provide your design for injecting plastic products such as household items or small parts.

For instance, we have developed over 15 kinds of custom-made knitting needles for our German customer who is pleased with our products and technical suggestion. Their order frequency is around 30,000pcs per month for over 10 years.

"above picture is customer's exclusive design for reference only"

We make advantage of equipments and R & D, QC, and adopt smooth producing procedure to control quality and delivery. The technicians are abundant in OEM experiences. We promise to offer the best service to customers.