Product Name : Auto Mats
Product Introduction

Auto EVA mats

Material: EVA

Front seat
72公分 * 50 公分 /2pcs
Rear seat
49公分 * 45 公分 /2pcs
The middle of the back seat
57公分 * 20 公分 /1pc

Packing: 1 set/5 pcs/plastic bag;10 set/box


Delivery time:20 days

MOQ:200 sets
Auto Mats2.jpg


*EVA environment-friendly superface
*Patent skidproof design

*Pad Strengthening Design in Driver's seat

*Bottom (Base) Skid-proof Fixed Devil felt(VELCRO) Design

*Dustproof; Waterproof; Not stick(adhere to) the mud under the foot

*Dust CollectionWater Catchment

*Can be HangedEasy Clean

Auto Mats3.jpg 

Double Layer Separation Type Net Mat
The super comfort is soft to promote texture of stepping the mat.


A layer separates the third generation automobile feet of the type net to step the mat; the super comfort of the texture is soft; even promoting the texture that the automobile feet step the superior quality of mat to enjoy; meet the need of different customer.

8 Advantage

1. Purify the dust 90%

2.The slippery result 90%

3. Easily pure wash easily 100%

4. Receiving the dirt absorbs dirty 90%

5. Bedrock sound proof 80%

6. The waterproof dust palliative 90%

7. Bear the heat 80%

8. The just like flavor;constant form 90%
Auto Mats4.jpg

Dual Color Car Mat
Different color; can present your to dignify; the insight has only who with contend for Feng; please recognize clear register trademark.

*Slippery proof; Sound Proof ( Bottom Sound Proof )

*So far the unique new product.Double Color

*The holes are inclined which will allow the dust to fall into bottom piece to increase the cleanness inside the car.

*Upper layer is resin foam surface with strengthen treatment;water-proof;slippery proof and more durable.

*Five kinds of colors allow you to choose

Major featured
Water proof and dust collecting; easy to clean and easy to wash.
*The edge can be either adhered or not adhered.

*Embossed surface to keep from slippery.

*Multi-color adds to the beauty.

*Free of odor.

*Strengthened surface treatment to increase abrasion resistance. Auto Mats5.jpg

Double Layer Seperable
Tidy up; bear to whet so much the slippery constant form win Japan; Taiwan; mainland; patent pedal; can order to do size according to different car type


Take a good look at ordinary car mat; you will find that the dust; san and soil are very likely to stuck in the dead corner of the sunk hole of car mat and is very difficult to clean with brush. It is quite often that people will just throw it away and it causes waste and pollution; and it is not economical at all.
In view of this; Harmar brand made improvement to the problem.
The feet step the mat bottom to establish the mosts the slippery department cans be provided to touch to connect the ground; the inner part also establishes a boring to can be provided as the sand;dust and mud etc. foul stuff cut through; keep it to love the car of clean.Also establish to stick to solid bring; can fix.

Auto Mats6.jpg

Transparent Car Mat

*Quakeproof sponge.

*Change lovely view more.
*Two-sided waterproof and colorful diagram.

Transparent car met has the following 8 advantages

•1.     Picture changeable.

•2.     Having effect of bottom sound proof.

•3.     Special felt margin without shifting.

•4.     Waterproof; slippery-proof and easy to clean.

•5.     Replacing picture can be offered independently.

•6.     Accept orders for all models of car.

•7.     No deformation possible even exposed to strong sunbeam.

•8.     No odor will generate.

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