Product Name : C.K. Ultra Massaging Cream
Product Description


Rich in herbal essences extracted from natural plants and herbs 
◆ Unique genuine Chinese herbal plants –Philippine wurrus root (I-Tiao-Gung) added
◆ Instant relief and comfort for fatigued and aching bodies.
◆ Cream: Greaseless formula, available for massaging

Product Introduction

1. Soothing of joints and aching body parts.
2. To ease the stiffness caused by exercising, laboring and wasting 
3. Cream: Deliver cool effects, penetrating relief


Philippine Wurrus Root、Lavender Oil、Rosemary Oil、Eucalyptus Oil、Peppermint Oil、Capsicum Annuum Extract


1.For external use only.
2.Avoid contact with eyes, and do not use on open wound or damaged skin. 
3.Do not use if you are allergic to any ingredients of this product.
4.Stop use when irritation of skin, rash or itch appears.
5.Ask doctor if conditions worsens and symptoms persist or clean up and occur again within a few days. 
6.Keep out of reach of children and do not use it with children under the age of 2.
7.Keep in a cool place avoid from direct sun rays.
8.Store below 30℃