Product Name : PVC Corrugated Sheet
Product Introduction


Prices are offered according customers’ request with length(4.5~10ft); width(26~32inch); thickness (0.5~0.8mm) and pitch (76mm or 63mm) case by case.

Our customers are main sourcing U.A.E; Nigeria and other Middle-East area and they always choose 3~4 colors to combined into a 20’ of container for economic shipment; and there are 5 popular colors for choice: transparent-white(W006); green(G701); red(R125); blue(B801); yellow(Y400)


PVC Corrugated Sheet
Description: Big wave; pitch: 63mm; 76mm
Thickness: 0.5mm~0.8mm; allowance in thickness +-0.1mm
Width: 26~32 inch
Length: 4.5~10ft
Main color: green(G701); blue(B801); yellow(Y400); red(R125); transparent-white(W006)
M.O.Q.: mix sizes/colors into a 20ft container.
Packed in nude.PVC_CorrugateD_Sheet.jpg