Product Name : Screw Driver Key Chain
Product Description

Taking or hanging the glasses screwdriver keychain wherever you can get it easily. Pull out the lid which is the top of screw driver, you can find 2 screwdriver bits of flat screw driver and cross screw driver, which provides you with more choices while working. Convenient to carry and easy to use. 

The professional eyeglass screw driver is made by carbon steel and brass, with flat and cross head for choices. This s
mall screwdriver is also suitable for repairing computer, phone, playstation, laptop, camera, pc...etc.
proimages/S__83042309.jpg  proimages/S__83042313.jpgproimages/S__83042307.jpg

Product Introduction
1. C33
2. C22
3. C17
4. C32
5. C17 W/COIN
6. C42-NP
7. C43
8. C42-BP