Chief Ling manufacture hardware products according to customers' design, we had made various hardware with exclusive design from customers. Let me introduce our manufacture procedure, it includes: Pressing, Lathe, Die Cast, Forge, Plastic Injection, plastic Blow …. And the material including: Steel, Iron, Stainless Steel, Brass, Zinc Alloy, Aluminum, plastic, Rubber, Silicon . . . .

For example, we have developed a new garden tool -Dirt Snatcher for a US customer; it was a whole new way to garden, and the customer was a very cautious engineer, so he sent the inquiry to us continuously. The customer requested a quotation for the shovel first, next the metal parts, then the plastic handle, and finally the whole set of tool.

The processing time for this tool was almost 1 year, and then we made the first prototype. We had modified the prototype for many times; but eventually we made it and our customer was very satisfied and happy with the end product.

Parts list of Dirt Snatcher tool:

  1. Compression spring (custom made) x 1pc
  2. Semi tubular rivet 1/8”x 55/64”Zinc Plated (custom made) x 1pc
  3. Semi tubular rivet 3/16”x 21/32”Zinc Plated (custom made) x 2pcs
  4. 1/8”x 5/8”steel in black roll pin x 1pc
  5. 0.6”round x 0.05”thick with 0.256 square punched hole (custom made) x 1pc
  6. Washer cap 1/4”hole x 9/16”O.D. x 4pcs 1/4”round x 3.68”long cold rolled steel rod, Nickel plated (custom made) x 2pcs Plastic handle with rubber (custom made) x 1 Die cast pulley, Nickel plated (custom made) x 1pc Hinge, Nickel plated (custom made) x 2pcs Shovel, Nickel plated (custom made) x 2pcs

"above picture is customer's exclusive design for reference only"

Please see below description for the functions of the custom-made Dirt Snatcher tool: The speed of Dirt Snatcher tool is about 15 to 20 holes per minute, it really smoothly while you dig the holes, it is save time and strength for planting flower on your own garden.

Furthermore, we have experiences of developing non-toxic products with material of SGS and FDA standards for custom-made medical accessory, and check the quality and sanitation with serious attitude while mass production to insure the products can meet medical standards.

For instance, we are honorable to have Red Cross to be one of our regular customers and we make disposable marker pens for marking the position of the body in surgery. And we also opened moulds of silicone mats with material of FDA & SGS standard for a reliable customer from U.S.A. The color of silicone mat is according to Pantone no. and customer’s logo can be shown on the silicone mats with raised effect around 0.35mm

"above picture is customer's exclusive design for reference only"

We offer OEM services. If you need the service please email us with your detail request. We will reply you as soon as possible.

No matter for the company or for the factory, the most important thing is finding a trusty supplier. We exert ourselves to establish the trustable relationship with you, and to be your reliable supplier.